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Swinger Lifestyle Wristbands

7946437™ is an online magazine and informational site where you can learn what is a swinger, what are the swingers color wrist band and the levels of swinging. Learn the various adult romance accessories available out there. Know what kinds of material are used in adult toys. What is the best lubrication to used.

Chances are you saw the number on a wristband at a resort, at the gym, at a nightclub or possibly the nude beach. If you asked what it meant the wearer either explained or suggested you look it up on the Internet. 7946437™ is a code.

It spells swinger on a phone keypad. It is used by swingers to discreetly identify each other in public venues; and serve as an excuse for swingers to approach each other in swing clubs. All bands glow in the dark under club lights, so the obvious "pick up line" is:

Swinger Lifestyle wristbands

So, what color is your wristband?

The color of the wristband is significant. It tells you about the swing style of the wearer.

We would like to acknowledge Edwin and Fifi "the idea couple" The number was Edwin's innovation, but he modestly refused re-numeration of any kind. Instead, he freely offered the idea to Kat.

Kat, her partner Missy, and a group of Lifestyle volunteers then developed the Swing Play colors and definitions. Thanks to all volunteers, contributors, and supporters. But special thanks to Edwin and Fifi, whose dedication to the swing community is unparalleled.

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